Brennan is alive and, well…


Just throwing this piece of Artificial Inspiration out there, because it may very well be right.

So I saw Brennan! He’s alive! He wasn’t even walking with his head down!

(For anyone passing by who doesn’t know, Brennan is a man who walks slowly up and down my street with his head hanging so low it’s as if his neck is elastic.)

He was still walking slowly, but head up. I was probably staring trying to work out if it was him or not (I’ve never properly seen his face) and then I realised it was. And he was now looking at me, so I smiled shyly.

And he leered in response. And I don’t mean a nervous smile gone wrong, or a slight sneer, I mean a full-throttle, Bela-Lugosi-vampire, lip-twisting leer. I don’t think I’ve even see that face live on a human before. It reminded me of this Uno Morales cartoon (if you don’t know the rest of the cartoon, you don’t want to). Except that Brennan’s eyes were more hollowed out, looked almost bruised.

If I assume that Brennan hasn’t been possessed by demons, then he is a deeply troubled man, at least when he’s looking at me. Think I need to steer clear of him and accept that I’m terrible at making friends. I may be cursed.

Word of the day: weirdward – bordering upon the supernatural

12 thoughts on “Brennan is alive and, well…

  1. I think looking at him to confirm identity (staring) was taken by Brennan as a stranger looking down at him and judging negatively. The evil eye was his way of saying ‘don’t add to my problems. I have enough.’ Either that or the landlady wrote ‘Im trouble’ on your forehead while you slept.

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  2. I saw someone today on a seat somewhere with red marks on his face and for a second I was concerned and the next the thought was gone. Only now I am recalling it (I must have been driving). No idea where this thought is going, but this post made me think of that person.

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    1. Those moments can really haunt you, when something looks wrong and maybe you feel like you should help somehow, but don’t know how (or don’t figure out how until later). Brennan definitely haunts me, but I haven’t seen him since, and no idea what I’d do if I did.


      1. It’s because of Marley’s words “one heart” perhaps and all that things gurus say about us being parts of a whole (although some people seem to be more R and less W hole)

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