Aspiration and reality


AI has a simple piece of advice for life here. Something almost all can aim for. But not me, for I am a woubit. See below.

Word of the day: woubit – a small and shabby person, not suited for the royal family, too scruffy and liable to laugh loudly at the wrong time.

Oh! And I’ve got a new laptop, finally. I’m only half using it so far and I’ve already had to write and ask the seller why it’s not the same as the description, buuuuut otherwise it looks good. It doesn’t keep coming to a wheezy stop where it does nothing but stare like this one (currently held together by three bulldog clips, an elastic band and some electrical tape) does. Anyway, I’ll leave you with some even wiser words from The Curious Dog…

β€œSticks and stones can break my bones and I have my Swiss Army Knife if they hit me and if I kill them it will be self defense and I won’t go to prison.”

― Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

9 thoughts on “Aspiration and reality

    1. Windows 10. I know a few people who are clinging onto 7 for dear life and I can see why. Windows 10 is intrusive and controlling, Windows 7 simply did a good job in the way you wanted it to (shouldn’t this be the aim of all operating systems?) Although, to be fair, the version I’m using on my NEW LAPTOP is seems more together than the Windows 10 I had on my old one. I haven’t shouted at it at all. Although I have grumbled a bit. πŸ˜‰


      1. You may have the newest version. Microsoft does an update the second Tuesday of each month. A big one just rolled out. It takes almost two hours to install. It’s the security update for Adobe Flash. If you didn’t get it…you will soon.

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      2. I think I just installed that bastard on my old laptop, it was getting aggressive when I ignored it. Yes, it took years, it might have been the day I didn’t post last week, it wouldn’t let me.

        For the moment I have two laptops, so I get to be a hacker out of an eighties film, switching from one to another. Although those hackers never patched up their tech with bulldog clips, the idiots!


  1. You wait ’til it does the latest update and slows down to a snail’s pace: then you’ll shout at it. Mine seems to have a ghost in its Cortana. When I yell at my laptop for deciding to stall and lose a great chunk of what I have been writing, it yells back. I don’t like it…

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    1. I have silenced Cortana, I don’t trust her, her eyes are too close together. Although I’m curious about her yelling back at you. What does she say?

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      1. I too have silenced Cortana, but yet I still hear her mocking, taunting whine. I *am* inadequate, but I don’t need an imaginary machine voice telling me so. Trolled by my own pc 😳

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