8 thoughts on “Yes

    1. Woah there Nelly, don’t bite off more mind-blowing wisdom than you can chew!

      Note: I was only using the Nelly line as a quote, but actually it goes with your name quite well, but then that might seem a little presumptive. Hmm. 🤔


      1. Nelly reminds me of that story I wrote about a man going homicidal because someone said his name wrong.😱 Also, that mind blowing wisdom is a lot to chew. Need to wash it down with something. So, What else you got?🧐

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      2. See, I guess this is the problem with timezones, you at midnight is always in my past, or something.

        And I thought the proof meant the %, but turns out 101 proof is only 50.5% alcohol. Tsk.


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